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Hi. My name is Bud. And I am The Delusional Rustic.


This site is for people who love to think about things. topics or trending ideas — either in the news currently or elsewhere in our society today.

I’m 80 years old and proud of it, just happy to be alive and active every day. I try now to not take life too seriously, but sometimes I just feel the need to speak out about things I sometimes wonder about. Perhaps you can relate.

Anyway, cruise my videos and random thoughts, and leave a comment below. And by all means, subscribe to my YouTube channel The Delusional Rustic for regular updates. If you’d like to get in touch, reach me at winston@thedelusionalrustic.com.


PS If you need a good read this year, I’ve accumulated a fair number of thought-provoking. hard-to-find books you might enjoy. You can find them by clicking here. Or click the Featured Book Categories in the sidebar or listed at the bottom of the page.